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Kleen Performance Products® base oil, previously Safety-Kleen Base, serves the needs of industrial and automotive customers requiring the highest quality Group II+ and API Group II paraffinic base oil.

These high-quality products easily allow you to optimize additives to meet performance objectives, lowering blending costs, eliminating compensation and gaining improved performance of final oil and lubricant products.

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Methodical testing and process control ensures exceptional quality and consistency, as well as the following features:

  • Low NOACK (volatility) and superior Viscosity Index produces premium engine oils
  • Lab testing for all feedstock, base and blended products 
  • ISO 9001 standards for quality and consistency
  • Virtually no impurities with low aromatics
  • Improved demulsibility
  • Uniform composition to military specifications
  • High color stability

Catalytic hydrogenation removes virtually all impurities and aromatics, while leaving high oxidation and thermal stability. It offers exceptional response to additives for multifunction blending.

As the largest provider of twice-refined oil in North America, feedstock for our lubricants is tightly controlled. Additionally, the amount of Group III oil in our feedstock is always naturally increasing through the oil collection process. This means we’re able to deliver a secure supply of top-quality Group II+ base oil.

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