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Kleen Performance Products anti-wear hydraulic oils and other industrial lubricants give you outstanding protection across your full line of hydraulic components, motors, pumps and valves. Our oils provide extended operating life, protection from corrosion and abrasion, and improved cleanliness.

Our EcoPower® industrial lubricants provide a total solution for greener fluids. Made from our own high-quality base stock as well as a zinc/phosphorous additive to minimize wear, EcoPower offers a full range of hydraulic fluids for performance and environmental protection in off-road equipment and manufacturing. Today’s hydraulic systems continue to increase pump discharge pressure, oil temperature and design complexity. Our specially formulated, anti-wear additives create a protective film on contact surfaces to minimize wear in high-pressure and high-speed applications, including vane and piston pumps in both wet and dry conditions. You also gain extended fluid life and reduced filter costs from greater dumulsibility and filtration performance.

Our OEM-approved hydraulic oils create a low coefficient of friction, using a twin-friction modifier system to reduce hydraulic noise and stick-slip. The oils have strong FZG scuffing and wear protection for reduced pump wear and improved equipment life, as well as strong oxidation performance for longer fluid life.

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  • EcoPower® Lubricants
    EcoPower is twice-refined, using oil as a renewable resource, so it’s great for your engine, equipment and the environment.
  • Performance Plus® Lubricants
    Our Performance Plus automotive and industrial lubricants are the result of more than 30 years of research, technology and innovation.
  • Base Oil
    Kleen Performance Products® base oil provides Group II+ performance, thanks to our state-of-the-art refining process.