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Kleen Performance Products Meet or Exceed the Toughest Standards.

Our Performance Plus® oils meet or exceed all government standards for performance and provide quality at a better value to meet your lubrication needs. Additionally, our EcoPower® line of products offers an affordable green solution that meets all performance standards while also meeting the highest government guidelines for environmental performance.

The Facts About Re-refined Engine Oil.

Government agencies and military services choose our EcoPower line of products for their oil and lubricant requirements, in order to help their communities to be more environmentally responsible. An executive order from the President of the United States asked federal agencies to buy used oil that has been twice-refined (re-refined oil) whenever possible. Since 1988, our oil has delivered on that requirement.

Presidential Executive Order
Executive Order 13149: "No federal agencies shall purchase, sell or arrange for the purchase of virgin petroleum motor vehicle lubricating oils when re-refined oils are reasonably available and meet the vehicle manufacturer's recommended performance standards."

The best-kept secret about oil is that it can be recycled indefinitely. Oil itself never breaks down, it merely becomes contaminated or the additives break down. Kleen Performance Products takes used oil that would otherwise be burned or dumped and renews it. Each year, Kleen Performance Products puts more than 140 million gallons of oil back into the marketplace with no exploration, drilling or disruption of the earth’s natural habitats whatsoever.

Oil re-refining reduces greenhouse gases by up to 80% compared to oil made from crude. It also uses 85% less energy to produce and reduces our dependency on foreign oil.


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  • EcoPower® Lubricants
    EcoPower is twice-refined, using oil as a renewable resource, so it’s great for your engine, equipment and the environment.
  • Performance Plus® Lubricants
    Our Performance Plus automotive and industrial lubricants are the result of more than 30 years of research, technology and innovation.
  • Base Oil
    Kleen Performance Products® base oil provides Group II+ performance, thanks to our state-of-the-art refining process.