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Whether you're looking for quality oil at a better value or looking for a greener solution, Kleen Performance Products has you covered. All of our products are a result of our singular focus - offering the finest quality oil available.

By better leveraging our assets and focusing on this singular purpose, we serve our customers in new and more efficient ways. Fleet managers can keep vehicles on the road at a more efficient cost. Installers looking for a competitive advantage can offer an environmentally-friendly line of products to customers who want to be green. Industrial locations can keep their equipment protected with quality lubricant while meeting sustainability goals.

Another way that Kleen Performance Products delivers for your business is by using oil as a renewable resource by twice-refining used oil. Our closed-loop system begins with oil collected from thousands of locations across the country. It is sent to one of three re-refineries for processing, where all of the contaminants and impurities are removed, leaving the oil as clean and pure as the day it was first refined. This oil is then returned to the marketplace as products like EcoPower® our consumer brand of twice-refined motor oil, as well as Kleen Performance Products® base oil.

Our twice-refined oil not only meets or exceeds the toughest North American standards for engine protection, including SAE, API and ILSAC, but the base oil is categorized as Group II+ by ICIS. This means it is fundamentally better quality than the Group II used for most products on the market today.

Every year, Kleen Performance Products returns more than 140 million gallons of twice-refined oil to the marketplace as clean, pure oil; thereby, completing the closed-loop process, and allowing you to do your part to protect the environment.

Our legacy of innovation is your advantage

At Kleen Performance Products, we work smarter for you. In fact, our Company was born out of that idea.

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Our reliable engine oil performance can help minimize operating costs and increase uptime, keeping your fleet on the road day after day.
Our anti-wear hydraulic oils give you outstanding protection across your full line of hydraulic components.
Government and Military
We offer an affordable green solution for your lubricant needs that meets government agencies' highest guidelines.
Installers (DIFM)
We can help grow your business by fulfilling customer demands for great value on high-quality lubricants that perform for the environment.
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